Che Cirque was created in Brussels in 2005 by Juan Manuel Cersosimo. Since its creation, the company has gained worldwide attention and local fame both in the Flemish and French-speaking parts of the country. Over the last ten years the company has managed to gather a large array of contacts all around Europe. Its first show  JUMP (2006) was a great success in Belgium, in France, and abroad, with over 500 shows in 15 different countries so far. In 2007 the show won the « People’s prize » (Prix du public) at the promotional festival Buitenkans in Nijverdal (NL).

The Che Cirque company emerged from a desire to combine circus techniques, clowning barclays bridging loan and movement theatre. It explores the different forms of theatre and street art through street shows, walkabouts and stage performances.

The goal of this company is to be able to play in front of the largest audiences, using just simple, universal, wordless humour. Each lenders on line new creation offers whole new worlds, soundscapes and poetry, with playful, clumsy, sensitive characters, in search for a direct and collaborative relationship with the audience.

Always with a generous loans 100 dose of humour, our company offers different techniques like acrobatic bicycle, juggling, object manipulation, puppetry and acrobatics, all put to use in various universes in which the characters can evolve.

In each creation, Juan is online payday loan with no credit check both author and performer. He uses his life experiences to construct each scenario and gets inspiration from modern reality, memories from his childhood, his travels, encounters, events that marked him, every show is a part of his life.


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